We get lots of questions.  Here are the answers to some of the questions we hear repeatedly.

Do I need to have a Godaddy Domain?

No you do not.  Your domain can be anywhere.

Does it need to be a new domain?

No, it can be a mature domain, i.e one that has been owned for awhile or even years.

I don’t have a domain.  What should I do?

Don’t walk, run to www.godaddy.com and get your domain name now.  Use this link and register.  Once registered, you can search for as many domain names possibilities as you want until you find the one most suitable for your purposes.  It will probably cost you about $7.69 per year.  Try to get a .com domain name as they are most prestigious.

OK, I got a domain from Godaddy, what do I do now?

Forward the email that contains your Godaddy username and password to wordpresshero@gmail.com.  Then go to www.hostgator.com and arrange for your hosting.  Hosting is like renting a billboard on the freeway.  It is a place to display your website.  Hostgator is the nations #1 Hosting Company, with over 5 million sites hosted.

While I was on Godaddy’s site, I noticed they, too, offer hosting.  Why not use Godaddy Hosting, too?

Good question.  While we love Godaddy as a Domain Registrar, that is exactly what they do best.  Hosting is just not their “thing”.  Godaddy’s low cost web building tool and hosting are not well received by the Search Engines, and have many things built in that you cannot take with you (such as forms) if you ever leave Godaddy Hosting.  It’s their way of “holding on to you” so you can not conveniently ever leave.  On the other hand, Hosting IS Hostgator’s “thing”.  Hostgator is very “open” and you can take single piece of everything with you if you ever decide to leave Hostgator.

What if I do not want to use Hostgator?

Using Hostgator is part of the reason we will do all of the installation and setup details for free.  Using Hostgator is required to participate.

How much does Hostgator charge?

Usually they charge as little as $4.95 per month.  Depending upon when you read this, you may still be able to participate in their 20% off promotion and arrange your hosting for only $3.96 per month. That’s bout the price of one measly gallon of gasoline these days.  You will find that Hostgator has more expensive plans, too.  Later, when your site has thousands upon thousands of visitors per month, you may need to upgrade, but their $4.95 plan is plenty sufficient for a new web site.

There are some FREE Hosting companies out there.  Why not use them?

There are, and always have been some free hosting companies.  However, they offer limited services, and plaster their own ads on YOUR website, in return for the FREE Hosting.  If you are expecting a professional looking web site, you will not be happy for long with FREE Hosting.  It’s like buying a new LCD TV, only to find it can only receive Informercials!

OK, so I’ve got my domain Name, and my Hosting arranged.  What now?

Send us both the Godaddy and Hostgator emails confirming the deals, and fill out the form on our site.  That’s it.  We’ll be starting on your installation, and will be in touch with you if we run into any issues.  During this time, browse the web for Themes to decorate your site, and for Plugins to make it more useful.  If you find or purchase any, send us that information, too.  Right away.  Most are free, but if you spend a little money on Premium Themes, you can really, really jazz up your site.  We will whatever you send to us for up to 24 hours.  By then we’d expect to be done, and you should be “Good to Go!”