How it Works

Free-WordPress-Installation makes starting a WordPress web site super easy.  We offer a way for busy people to get started online with their very own WordPress powered web site as painlessly as possible.  Whether you are a business, a beginning blogger or writer, or an entrepreneur with a concept for making money on the Internet, we can help you regain your time and get you up and running doing the things you need to do, instead of floundering, laboring, or getting lost in settings, technical details, and specifications you really don’t need to know and will most likely never need to use again anyway.

Free Blog InstalltionOnce you have visited our Home Page and completed Steps #1, #2, and #3, just sit back and relax. We are hard at work for you. After you have forwarded us the emails and filled out the form, you have about 24 hours to wait, so now would be a good time to take a look at “Themes” and “Plugins”. Basically, “Themes” control how your WordPress site looks, and “Plugins” are added features that control how it works. By registering at, you can choose from more than a thousand FREE Themes HERE.  Another list of 100 Most Popular FREE themes can be found  HERE, and thousands upon thousands of FREE Plugins are listed HERE.

There are several prominent “Premium Themes” that you can pay for,  which will make your life a lot easier, as they have simplified changing the look and feel of your WordPress site. For instance, with a single click you can move the right column to the left side, or vice versa. Or change the colors by selecting from a “color wheel”, etc. Free “Themes” often require you to change the HTML or CSS to do these things. Most professionals use one Premium Theme or another, as they add real eye catching features to the site.  If you feel you can afford to invest anywhere from $69 to $199, I would recommend you select a premium Theme, as in the long run it will save you tons of time and hours of energy.  For a list of Premium Themes that are “leading edge” and can make your life a lot easier, click HERE. (For the record, I only use Premium Themes such as these nowadays…..)

Free blog Install complete with ThemeDuring this 24 hour Installation and Setup period, whether you have decided upon a FREE Theme or purchased a Premium Theme, simply provide us the download link for the theme and we will unpack it, upload it to your site, and set it up for you.  Same with Plugins. I had one prospect who wanted me to install 170 themes and all 13,000+ Plugins for free, claiming it was part of my claimed services to do so.  I suppose he was technically correct, but c’mon!  When I told him his request was outlandish, and would probably drag his site to its’ knees, he became abusive, threatened to turn me into the BBB, the FBI, the CIA, and every other alphabet soup agency out there.  There is always someone who will take advantage and ruin things for people.  So I have set a max limit of 3 themes, and 10 plugins.  (I don’t know of many, or even any site that would use more than that….)

And while you are “shopping” for Themes and Plugins, here is a list of some of the things that we will be doing:

  • Set your DNS to reflect your hosting information
  • We will set up your FTP, and test your username and password to verify
  • We will load via FTP the WordPress files to your site
  • Your WordPress site will require a MYSQL database.  We will name it and set it up for you.
  • Your MYSQL database will require a username and password.  We will set these up for you and test them
  • We will test the installation for possible security leaks
  • We will upload any themes you might have selected
  • We will upload any plugins you might have selected
  • We then test the site for accuracy and completeness
  • We send you an email with instructions on how to change your WordPress Administrative password

That’s it, you are now “ready to rumble“.  Depending on time zones, countries (yes, our services are available anywhere in the world) and your customary hours of sleep (and mine…:), you should be up and running within 24 hours.

Afterwards, additional support is always available, and if you hit a hurdle with WordPress or a Theme that you cannot seem to overcome, please feel free to contact me anytime by email at

Having built thousands of WordPress sites for myself and my customers over the years, I would bet that I have encountered the same hurdle you might be currently facing, and if not, I’m certain I will know of someone reliable I can refer you to who has faced it.