Premium Themes

Premium Themes cost a few dollars and are used by Do It Yourself-ers, to create web sites of equal quality to those developed by Professional Web Site companies. All are affordable, (usually $29-$99 or so). The Framework Themes are far more powerful and easy to use, and are built with SEO in mind, which means they will better and more easily rank in the Search Engines. The Decorative Themes are more plentiful, and you are likely to find just what you need without modifications at all. Either way, enjoy the shopping and if you make a selection and purchase within 24 hours, we will install, activate and set up your Theme for FREE!

Framework Themes

There are several prominent “Premium Themes” that you can pay for, which will make your life a lot easier, as they have simplified changing the look and feel of your WordPress site. For instance, with a single click you can move the right column to the left side, or vice versa. Or change the colors by selecting from a “color wheel”, etc. Free “Themes” often require you to change the HTML or CSS to do these things. Most professionals use one Premium Theme or another, as they add real eye catching features to the site. If you feel you can afford to invest anywhere from $69 to $199, I would recommend you select a premium Theme, as in the long run it will save you tons of time and hours of energy. For a list of Premium Themes that are “leading edge” and can make your life a lot easier, click HERE. (For the record, I only use Premium Themes such as these nowadays…..)


How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.Simply put, Thesis is powerful. It has a remarkably efficient HTML + CSS + PHP framework and easy-to-use controls that you can use to fine-tune each and every page of your site with a tactical precision that has never been possible before. The days of worrying about your in-site SEO are over—with Thesis, your strategy is “just add killer content.” If you don’t know code, it’s not a problem at all. The Thesis option panels allow you to command your site with ease, while Thesis does all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. You’ve never had this much control over your site before, and this is precisely what makes Thesis indispensable to critical website owners all over the globe. What about customizations and design changes? Thesis contains a futureproof customization system that allows you to produce unique designs without having to touch any core code. And thanks to a revolutionary layout generator (with 1, 2, and 3-column layout combinations) and pinpoint font controls, testing tons of different layout variants has never been easier!


Genesis Framework for WordPressState of the art code and smart design architecture make it easy for search engines to see what you’ve got. With automatic updates to the Genesis Framework, you never have to think about it again. Your code will always be up to date and fully optimized. Genesis offers features to make it simple to set up your site exactly the way you want it. And if you change your mind later, you’re just a few clicks away from creating new sections and functions. WordPress widgets are the quick and easy way to add powerful functionality to your site. Without having to know anything about code, you can use simple “widgets” to add sidebars, social media sharing buttons, and much more. Want to update your font size and choice? Change the categories you display? Adjust the number of posts you show on your home page? With Genesis, all these and many more can simply be selected from a drop-down box. Adjusting these critical options is easy, and your site is updated instantly. Most of our themes are ready for advertising. Just insert your advertising code, like Google Adsense, Azoogle Ads, Clicksor, or any others, into a text widget and start collecting your advertising revenue.


No Need For WordPress Developers — Drag & Drop With HeadwayHeadway gives you a great deal of freedom and power over your blog. Where to begin? The first time you activate Headway, the Quick Start Wizard guides you smoothly through the set up and design process. Just follow the steps to choose your layout, colors, and more. Headway’s Visual Editor lets you do anything from creating a standard blog page to creating an e-commerce site, featuring Drag n Drop. And of course, Headway can create unique layouts for each and every one of your pages. Headway. lets you achieve effortless rounded corners, generate a color scheme automatically based on the colors in your header image, use “hooks” without writing PHP, attain search engine optimization nirvana without adding any extra plugins, and much more. These are only a few of the killer features in Headway. Headway is robust and full-featured. You can do amazing things with it as long as you know how. To that end, we provide the “know how” in the form of videos and written documentation. No matter your learning style, you can learn how to do it all in Headway.


iThemes BuilderIthemes created Builder for themselves because they were tired of the way page templates used to work. They’re real people who have a lot of fun working together, building tools to help you build awesome web sites. Now available for sale, with Builder you can make your own page layouts in seconds without touching any code. Keep reading to learn more about the power of Builder. The power of Builder starts in the layout editor. Choose from the building blocks of a great web site by inserting modules: images, navigation, content area (with or without sidebars), widget bars, HTML areas, and a footer. Complete flexibility without code. If you want to change the background, try a different font, or match the theme to the colors of your brand, Builder can help you do it fast and without touching the code.

Decorative Themes

Decorative themes are not as easily customizable, and often require HTML or CSS knowledge to do so. However, they are less expensive, and both of these companies make tons of themes that fit an exact type of business (restaurant, photographer, architect, lawyer, cpa, etc.). They may just have exactly what you need without any changes or modifications at all, you never know! Here are a couple of the best known quality decorative theme sites.

Elegant Themes

Each premium Elegant Theme WordPress theme comes expertly coded in valid XHTML and CSS, and all are made compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Each template performs flawlessly in each of the most widely used browsers to ensure maximum functionality. Furthermore, all sidebars are made widget ready for your convenience, another feature you will find at Elegant Themes.


If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just where you could find high quality premium WordPress themes or website templates, Theme Forest was created just for you. Imagine if you had the opportunity to brows the work of hundreds and thousands of different web developers? Imagine if you could preview any website, template, or theme before you pruchased it? Imagine if you could read the comments from others who have purchased it, see which themes or templates are most popular, and even rate the work for even more transparency? That is exactly what you will find with Theme Forest.